As the term “Craft Beer” becomes more prevalent in the every day world outside of beer blogs and Twitter, we will no doubt witness a widespread abuse by establishments and producers in order to jump on the beery band wagon. Whilst I have no real affection for the term, it’s still pretty funny to name and shame the abusers and misusers as established by this post which single handedly trebbled my daily site visit record.

So, if you see something that amuses you, take a picture and tweet it with the hashtag #CraftBeerFail and I’ll post it up here along with details of the offenders (assuming the details are publicly available and I don’t think they’re going to come round and beat the crap out of me).

#WorldBeerFail from @FergusMcIver


More from Greene King, thanks to @1970sBoy

More #CraftBeerFail thanks to @der_dorftrottel

The original #CraftBeerFail, found by @der_dorftrottel courtesy of Ruby Tuesday