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Always Look On The Craft Side of Beer

For too long now, we have been brawling like small children over the term “Craft Beer” and what it means.  The only way to put this juvenile argument to bed is with a little song. (To the tune of “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life”, if that wasn’t obvious) If its brewed with … Continue reading

No one likes a bad winner

There’s a little known part of the David and Goliath story that the Old Testament didn’t cover. After David floored the giant Philistine with his sling and lopped off his head as a keepsake, he went back to his tent for a quick nap. In the morning he got up and thought “wow, this is … Continue reading

Beerd: The Emperor’s New Beer

About 5 or 10 years ago, we used to have record shops and music shops.  Places you could go and actually buy physical music or things you could make physical music on.  It was amazing. From one of these physical music shops, I bought my original 1974 Fender Telecaster.  I am attached to this guitar.  … Continue reading


My implicit assumption about people that are really into good beer is that, unless they already run a brewery, they probably want to run a brewery.  I definitely want to run a brewery.  The issue, of course, is breweries tend to be quite expensive, all that space and stainless steel and stuff.  If, like me, … Continue reading

The Dark Arts

I’m inventing New Brew Tuesday, Thursdays are far too busy alcohol wise to start cracking open new beers and writing tasting notes. To commence New Brew Tuesday, I will be drinking a Magic Rock Dark Arts.  Which apparently is a “Surreal” Stout.  Whether it’s surreal remains to be seen. So, it’s a 6% stout, that … Continue reading

Craft Beer: Style Over Substance?

If you have a passion for something it is inevitable you will end up both evangelising about it and defending it against people who don’t understand or don’t agree with what you’re on about. I have found myself doing both of these in equal measure since I decided to start BlueGiantBeer.  The most interesting discussion … Continue reading