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Stick Another Cow On The Barby

Adam Richman is a jolly man, a jolly fat man. Well actually, he’s not that fat, considering how much food he eats. He is, of course, the man that fights food. He generally wins too. The food, in question, is American, largely meat based and served in huge quantities. Richman’s escapades are entertaining and fascinating … Continue reading

BrewDog Bristol – A Big Step Forward

I have a bad habit. I get far too excited about things before they happen. Then I often have to persuade myself they’re as good as I’d hoped they would be when, quite honestly, they’re not. BrewDog Bristol did not suffer this plight. The bar “soft” opened on Friday night. A slightly bizarre concept that … Continue reading

Orval – A Pilgrimage That Doesn’t Quite Deliver

For those Brits holding onto the notion that our fair isle is the only place on earth to be suffering from less than fair meteorological conditions, you are wrong. Rest assured, it’s been pissing it down in Williers, the third smallest town in France, 5km from the Belgian border and, more importantly, the Abbaye Notre-Dame … Continue reading


So yesterday, was the #downDIPA evening, organised by Simon at CAMRGB. An evening of beery Twitter folk drinking double IPAs and saying things about them. Arbor Ales even made a special beer for it, called Down Deeper (see first review). I made it into an afternoon because I was going out in the evening. In … Continue reading

Bristolize Yourself

Let’s face it, most blogging is pretty self indulgent.  Wittering on and hoping that someone cares about what you’re talking about.  Saying that, beer sites are often quite useful for reviews of beers and beer establishments. There are several good Bristol food and drink review websites (Bristol Bites and Bristol Culture, for instance, are both … Continue reading

No Smoke Without Fire

I like beer, that much should be obvious. I like smokey things too, particularly Islay whiskys like Laphroaig. I’m also a rather big fan of chillies. So one might imagine that a beer infused with smokey chipotle chillies is right up my street. Thanks to Red Willow, a relatively new brewery from Macclesfield, such a … Continue reading

Black Eyed PA. Ey?

A very quick review of Arbor Ales’ Black Eyed (not at all) Pale Ale, mainly because I’ve already done a very quick review of their Brown Eyed PA, whose name makes even less sense. What’s in a name anyway, would a rose…etc….etc, this is not a Shakespeare blog. Arbor Ales are clearly adopting the craft … Continue reading

A Mikk(h)eller Lot of Taste

A couple of years ago, I took a long train journey to Copenhagen in Denmark.  What’s that you say?  To get to Denmark you have to cross the Baltic sea, you can’t possibly get a train all the way there.  Well, the train went on a boat, so you’re wrong, ha!  We stopped off in … Continue reading