Robin Hood

56 St Michael’s Hill, BS2 8DX
0117 929 4433


5 rotating beers, current selection:

Ilkley MJ Pale
Kaltenberg Hels
Caldvorst 3point8

Plus 5 cider taps if that’s your thing


6 regularly rotating ale pumps, current selection:

Cotswold Spring Stunner
Cotswold Spring Ambler
Devilfish Bombshell
Devilfish That Gold Devil
Glastonbury Mystery Toor


30 odd world beers from all over the shop, including Goose Island, Brooklyn, Little Creatures, Einstok, BrewDog and Mikkeller


Excellent pub food at under a tenner.  Burgers, fish and chips and so on


The Robin Hood is run by the folks in charge of the Bristol Ram.  It is not, however, a Young’s pub so has free reign over the beer they have, which is obviously a very good thing.  The beer is interesting, well kept and frequently changing.  As with most places, it favours the local breweries, so expect to see Bristol Beer Factory, Arbor, Moor and the rather excellent new Devilfish.  They have HD sky so it’s the perfect venue if you’re a football fan but don’t want to go to a “football pub”.  The food is also just about the best value pub food in Bristol, all made to order with not a hint of pre-bought about it.  For keg, cask and bottled selection, there are few better places in Bristol.

(Beer selection current as at May 2012)

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