53 Hillgrove Street North, Kingsdown, BS2 8LT
0117 9249818


Grolsch Blonde
Blue Moon
Dawkins Sunshine
Beerless BrewDog


10 constantly rotating pumps
Examples at time of writing:
Arbor Ales
Bristol Beer Factory
Glastonbury Ales

+ 2 real ciders if that’s your thing


4 Cheddar Ales
Modelo Black
Modelo Blonde
Brooklyn Lager
Two or three other less notable


Various pub grub for £7-£8 (never eaten so no comment)


I’ve never particularly been a fan of Glen Dawkins’s beer. It’s rather brown and twiggy. Fortunately, he seems rather good at selecting landlords who sell enough other good beer to keep everyone happy. Jamie, the current landlord, is a top chap, knows good beer and no amount of stumbling in or out of the door at last orders will get you into his bad books (because he does it as much as his customers). There are fewer more comfortable pubs in Bristol with a good mix of students, 20 to 30 something musos and locals from the Kingsdown estate. The beer is wide ranging (in style and strength) and can be taken away in two pint tetra packs. The only blot on an otherwise perfect landscape is the redundant BrewDog tower sticking out like an ironic monument to the Fraserburghonian’s inability to supply any grog to anyone outside of the capital or their own bars.

(Beer selection current as at June 2012)


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