157-159 St Michael’s Hill, Cotham, BS2 8DB
0117 974 3567


Bath Ales Dark Side
MJ Fortis Stout
Brugse Zot
Kuppers Kolsch
Brooklyn Lager
Blanche de Bruxelles
Flying Dog Old Scratch
La Chouffe


Bath Ales SPA
Bath Ales Barnstormer
Bath Ales Bounders
Bristol Beer Factory Acer


25 world beers, mainly US, Belgian and German plus 5 Bath Ales


Pizza £8-£9
Salad £5-£9
Bar Snacks £3


Regular readers will know my views of this establishment vary wildly. I wanted to love it, I hated it, now it’s growing on me again. My negative feelings stem from the flagrant abuse of the term “craft beer” for what is essentially a bar with a reasonably OK drinks selection. With that moniker, came prices that were at least 30% higher than similar establishments in the local area, which seemed cynical. Still, they seem willing to learn from their mistakes and have slashed prices. The pizza is decent and the deep fried pork rind is just about the perfect beer snack. The keg selection is pretty good but could do with a bit more rotating and the constant presence of the core Bath Ales range on pump is frustrating, if not understandable. With some good management who are prepared to take on feedback and learn a thing or two about good beer, this bar could become great.

(Beer selection current as at May 2012)

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