I don’t read nearly as many beer blogs as I should. As a result I find the big long lists on other sites quite intimidating. Too many good blogs, not enough time. I thought it may therefore be helpful to have a shorter list of the sites I do get a chance to read every now and then with a brief preview. I’ll update from time to time and please accept my apologies if you’re not on the list, it wasn’t intentional and I still love you.

List last updated on 23 September 2012:

Boak and Bailey

Fascinating insight into both historical and current beer issues. The comments board always runs freely with good beer discussions (and arguments!). Also to be found wowing the clientele of The Eden Project with Green Devil hop bombs.

Oh Beery Me

Andrew (or Sheriff as he’s better known on Twitter) Mitchell is on a quest. That quest is to drink and review 366 beers this year (one a day obviously). He’s currently 266 beers through and still going strong. Expect a little history lesson and eloquent review for each beer, hopefully to be turned into a book in due course.


More than just a beer blog, Simon Williams’s website offers up reviews, collective twitter evenings and beery get togethers. If you think all good beer is real, then CAMRGB may be the organisation for you.

Booze, Beats and Bites

Nathaniel (Nate Dawg) Southwood is probably the most opinionated and angry beer man I know on Twitter, so don’t read or follow if you’re easily offended. As you can tell, his site offers more than just beer writing but it’s always a good read. Just don’t hold his Carling obsession against him.

Rock n Roll Beverage

If you think music goes terrifically with Beer then Mark Landell’s blog is for you. Expect a beer review and a gig/album review all rolled into one. Mark also takes his camera everywhere and his Flickr site is well worth a visit.


Best beer based pun site name goes to Phil Hardy, along with the Twitter name that’s hardest to remember (I have to look it up every time). Read about Phil’s beer adventures in a refreshingly frank and un-flowery style. He’ll always be the first to say something nice about your writing too!

Tandleman’s Beer Blog

Peter Alexander, aka Tandleman, is a local CAMRA chairman so if you want to see what one of their main men thinks about beer then this is a good place start. Opinionated and entertaining in equal measure, Peter knows rather a lot about beer as you might expect.

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