Presenting Gin & It – A Drinker’s Journal

A couple of month’s back my friend Kate asked me to put some ideas together for a year’s worth of beer articles.  Given how bad/lazy I am when it comes to dreaming up regular varied blog ideas, this was no mean feat.  I happily obliged on the basis that a/ it was a flippin’ exciting opportunity and b/ I could always write the articles for the BGB website if nothing came of it.

I am, however, pleased to say that something has come of it.  In December, the first edition of the magazine Gin & It will hit the shelves.  The quarterly publication features a number of well-known food and drink writers including Matthew Fort and Fiona Beckett and, er, me.  No, I am not a well-known food and drink writer obviously, but I will be writing regular beery articles for the magazine which, quite frankly, is mind-blowingly exciting.

My first article is titled “50 Shades of IPA” and charts the history of India Pale Ale and the hugely important impact it has had on the recent UK brewery boom.  Given the impact IPA has had on my own beery journey over the last year or two, I couldn’t start anywhere else.  There’s a bit of pseudo beer porn in there, a bit of a history lesson and I even managed to get hold of Pete Brown, arguably the preeminent expert on IPA, to give me a few thoughts on why the great drink has made such a remarkable resurgence over the past 20 years.

Oh, and I’ve apparently written the second longest article in the magazine.  How do you like them apples Matthew Fort?  Stick to Great British Menu yeah.

The rest of the magazine sounds pretty damn exciting too.  Here’s the rub:

National treasures of the food and drink world rub shoulders with industry pros, tellers of tales and hip young gin-slingers serving up words of wit and wisdom with an eye on the bottle and a certain sense of the louche.

In issue One, Matthew Fort deals with stonking hangovers, Fiona Beckett sips Benedictine with the working men of Burnley, Richard Ehrlich tears into the cult of the celebrity barman and Thomas Blythe pays tribute to the Twiglet. Also contributing, established legends Trevor Gulliver, Alex Renton, Dick Bradsell, Tom Jaine, Martin Lam and Nick Strangeway as well as impressive new wordsmiths on the writing block.

Readers can look forward to words that touch on the history, science, philosophy and culture of wine, spirits, cocktails, beer and cider and their various related paraphernalia in fully-illustrated, perfect-bound volumes – essential reading for bacchanalian bon viveurs, judicious sippers, hell raisers, lounge lizards and lushes, the gouty, the gin-blossomed, those iced to the eyebrows and the eternally over-refreshed.

If that’s wet your appetite then check out or follow my esteemed editor @ginanditmag for more details.

3 thoughts on “Presenting Gin & It – A Drinker’s Journal

  1. You did mean “whet” your appetite didn’t you?
    looks a fine publication, I’ll ask Santa to put it on my Xmas list …..

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