Posted in October 2012

BrewDog Bristol – A Big Step Forward

I have a bad habit. I get far too excited about things before they happen. Then I often have to persuade myself they’re as good as I’d hoped they would be when, quite honestly, they’re not. BrewDog Bristol did not suffer this plight. The bar “soft” opened on Friday night. A slightly bizarre concept that … Continue reading

The Blagger’s Guide to Beer Geekdom

It’s fair to say that at least one of your friends is a beer bore who spends more time in the pub tapping away on Twitter and taking photos of their beer than engaging in proper conversation. You don’t like them much, in fact you’re actively avoiding them. But, just once, before you delete their … Continue reading

Wild Thang

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend a day at Bristol Beer Factory (you can read about it here). I spent some of the time with Brett Ellis, a very likeable Californian ex-chef who upped sticks from the OC (I don’t actually know if he is from the OC, it just sounds cool) … Continue reading

Always Look On The Craft Side of Beer

For too long now, we have been brawling like small children over the term “Craft Beer” and what it means.  The only way to put this juvenile argument to bed is with a little song. (To the tune of “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life”, if that wasn’t obvious) If its brewed with … Continue reading