Posted in September 2012

BrewLab – An Education

How many amateur brewers does it take to open a microbrewery? 19 to do all the hard work and one to sit around on his iPhone tweeting and logging beers to Untappd. 20 beer enthusiasts were present at the microbrewery start up course at BrewLab’s slick new training building this week. One of them wasn’t … Continue reading

BrewDog Goes West

Say what you like about BrewDog. Go on, really, they won’t mind. In fact, in a world where bad publicity is very rarely actually bad publicity, they’ll probably thank you for the freebie. They’ve certainly ruffled a few feathers along the way with their, er, unique brand of self promotion, but the number of people … Continue reading

Bristol Best Pub Crawl?

Bristol has always been a great place to visit for beer drinkers.  It has more Good Beer Guide listed pubs than you can shake a stick at.  With Bristol Beer Factory and Arbor Ales making a real impact on the national “craft” market, BrewDog setting up shop in October and the Euston/Sheffield Tap people searching … Continue reading