Posted in July 2012

What Is Craft Beer?

Thanks to Maxwell Power aka @der_dorftrottel for bringing to my attention Ruby Tuesday, a micro chain of American themed restaurants in Cheltenham and Cardiff who have finally answered the question that has been eluding us all for some time now. What exactly is Craft Beer? The answer, of course, is alcoholic beverages made with betaglucanase, … Continue reading

Orval – A Pilgrimage That Doesn’t Quite Deliver

For those Brits holding onto the notion that our fair isle is the only place on earth to be suffering from less than fair meteorological conditions, you are wrong. Rest assured, it’s been pissing it down in Williers, the third smallest town in France, 5km from the Belgian border and, more importantly, the Abbaye Notre-Dame … Continue reading

Beer Duty 2 – The Big Dog Bites

Last month I wrote this piece on the beer duty escalator. My conclusion was that the escalation of the duty alone wasn’t quite the significant issue it was made out to be by the epetition. More so, total duty (including VAT) makes up far too high a percentage of the price of a pint and … Continue reading