Posted in May 2012


So yesterday, was the #downDIPA evening, organised by Simon at CAMRGB. An evening of beery Twitter folk drinking double IPAs and saying things about them. Arbor Ales even made a special beer for it, called Down Deeper (see first review). I made it into an afternoon because I was going out in the evening. In … Continue reading

No one likes a bad winner

There’s a little known part of the David and Goliath story that the Old Testament didn’t cover. After David floored the giant Philistine with his sling and lopped off his head as a keepsake, he went back to his tent for a quick nap. In the morning he got up and thought “wow, this is … Continue reading

And The Loser Is……

No one likes a bad loser. And there’s no worse a way to lose than by refusing to acknowledge the winner. As news of Diageo’s flagrant attempts to deny BrewDog it’s rightful award of “Bar Operator of the Year” at the 2012 BII Scotland Annual Awards spread like wildfire via Twitter, it left me wondering … Continue reading

Bristolize Yourself

Let’s face it, most blogging is pretty self indulgent.  Wittering on and hoping that someone cares about what you’re talking about.  Saying that, beer sites are often quite useful for reviews of beers and beer establishments. There are several good Bristol food and drink review websites (Bristol Bites and Bristol Culture, for instance, are both … Continue reading