Posted in February 2012

No Smoke Without Fire

I like beer, that much should be obvious. I like smokey things too, particularly Islay whiskys like Laphroaig. I’m also a rather big fan of chillies. So one might imagine that a beer infused with smokey chipotle chillies is right up my street. Thanks to Red Willow, a relatively new brewery from Macclesfield, such a … Continue reading

On The Bar

So, I seem to have quite a decent stock of beer at the moment so it’s necessarily anal/OCD of me to write it all down. Here we go: Brakespear – Triple Redwillow – Smokeless Smoked Porter Magic Rock – Magic 8 Ball Magic Rock – Cannonball Magic Rock – High Wire BrewDog – 77 Lager … Continue reading

Education Education Education

On Saturday, I took my first steps into the foray of actually knowing something about beer (as opposed to just drinking it and making up the rest). I attended a one day beer foundation course run by The Beer Academy at The George in Backwell, a recently refurbished cozy, local boozer with an exciting range … Continue reading

Black Eyed PA. Ey?

A very quick review of Arbor Ales’ Black Eyed (not at all) Pale Ale, mainly because I’ve already done a very quick review of their Brown Eyed PA, whose name makes even less sense. What’s in a name anyway, would a rose…etc….etc, this is not a Shakespeare blog. Arbor Ales are clearly adopting the craft … Continue reading