Posted in January 2012

A Mikk(h)eller Lot of Taste

A couple of years ago, I took a long train journey to Copenhagen in Denmark.  What’s that you say?  To get to Denmark you have to cross the Baltic sea, you can’t possibly get a train all the way there.  Well, the train went on a boat, so you’re wrong, ha!  We stopped off in … Continue reading

Abstrakt: Beer Is Art

So, to the most expensive bottle of beer I have ever drunk, BrewDog’s Abstrakt:08, the latest in their series of single run beers, brewed for keeping in the cellar (or drinking less than a week after it’s delivered in my circumstance). As this is a fairly monumental moment in my beer life, it deserves at … Continue reading

The Dark Arts

I’m inventing New Brew Tuesday, Thursdays are far too busy alcohol wise to start cracking open new beers and writing tasting notes. To commence New Brew Tuesday, I will be drinking a Magic Rock Dark Arts.  Which apparently is a “Surreal” Stout.  Whether it’s surreal remains to be seen. So, it’s a 6% stout, that … Continue reading

Craft Beer: Style Over Substance?

If you have a passion for something it is inevitable you will end up both evangelising about it and defending it against people who don’t understand or don’t agree with what you’re on about. I have found myself doing both of these in equal measure since I decided to start BlueGiantBeer.  The most interesting discussion … Continue reading

That’s Magic

Happy New Year one and all, and what better way to start it than with Magic Rock’s Rapture, a 4.6% red ale made from 5 different malts and 6 different hops: As you’d imagine, this beer packs a seriously citrusy hoppy punch. It smells of orange juice but tastes like eating the white bits off … Continue reading