Posted in December 2011


Following on from the review of Einstok’s Toasted Porter, here’s is a brief summary of the IPA from the same stable (I being for Icelandic, of all the plays on the IPA acronym, possibly not the one that would immediately spring to mind, but nice all the same). So, it’s lively out of the bottle, … Continue reading

12 Brews a Brewing

So Christmas is nearing an end, thank goodness.  I’d say it will be a relief to go back to work but it won’t of course.  Unless you work in a pub and, by work, I mean act as their chief sampler (but suffer none of the ill health consequences of drinking all day, every day). … Continue reading

Icelandic Craft Beer

Even Iceland’s getting in on the act, and this time I mean the country not the shitty supermarket. Einstock brewery is apparently a mere 60 miles south of the arctic circle in a town in Iceland called Akureyri. Some spiel about glaciers and lava fields means the water they use is quite pure. Given you … Continue reading

I’m Raven, I’m Raven

I wonder how many bad puns I’m able to come up with before I get bored. Yesterday I was in the chocolate box city of Bath. There must be few places in the UK more Christmassy, and what more Christmassy pub is there than the rather lovely Raven: Voted Bath CAMRA pub of 2010, it’s … Continue reading

Brown Eyed Girl

Lunchtime update. First “Christmas” beer sampled. Arbor Ales Brown Eyed PA from the Seven Stars in Redcliffe. Lovely CAMRA pub, very well stocked cellar. Pics: This beer is a combination of super hoppy IPA and something verging on a dark beer with presumably roasted malts.  The barman said he found it too malty but I didn’t … Continue reading


I am now officially a BrewDog shareholder: I own a massive total of 4 shares (the minimum allowable purchase) and thus own a very small part of the company (based on the share capital in this run about 1/22,500 although that doesn’t take into account the smaller Equity For Punks 1). The share issue will … Continue reading

Beerdy Beerdy Jimmy Hill

Beerdy Beerdy Jimmy Hill

The title of this post has no relevance to the post other than that it contains the name of the very first establishment that I have chosen to review. Namely Beerd. The reference is, of course, to the marvellous Jimmy Hill and his beard and the fact that he somehow became the subject of a … Continue reading

An Introduction To Beer

An Introduction To Beer

This is a test post so it’s not going to be be very interesting I am afraid. Here is a bottle of Flying Dog on sale at the rather marvellous Robin Hood Freehouse on St Michael’s Hill.  I think it’s an IPA (yes, depsite the fact that it’s not in the slightest bit pale) and … Continue reading